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We are still here!!!

CONTINUING ON ….. — March 5, 2016


Hello, everyone,

We here at the Quatchifan2010.wordpress.com blog has ran out of space so we have continued out adventures on another blog called, “https://quatchifan2010part2.wordpress.com” please go here for more adventures about the magnificent 7 Quatchi family members who are here in Saudi Arabia. Thank you so much for thinking of us, love Sophia and the Q clan!

Vancouver visit. — September 24, 2015

Vancouver visit.

Sophia and her husband has been on holiday finally! It is so nice to be around North Vancouver. She has been taking the Quatchis one by one along with Humphrey around. The best thing is the food and nature!

DSCN1887First thing first! You cannot drink alcohol and cannot eat pork in Saudi Arabia. Even owning pork will get your put into jail. The first breakfast Sophia, her husband and the Q clan

members wanted was BACON!!!!!LOL. This was maple leaf maple flavored bacon cooked in a classic cast iron pan!! OMG! It was AMAZING!

DSCN1888Last, but not least, we cannot forget to eat Dim Sum! Quatchmas was the lucky one and he enjoyed every single minute of it. He is at the Pink Pearl Restaurant. If you have time please go there.

READING DAY! — August 28, 2015


DSCN0039Hi, This is Quatiken and Humphrey reading the Godfather.We are both big fans of the movie series and are happy to note that the book has much more details!

DSCN0040This is Quatchmas. I thought that I would read something cultural. This is a famous Morrocaan guy called Ibn Bhutta and he traveled for 29 years and had 10 wives and etc. It is soo fascinating. Of course, I do get the munches so I like to snack on Malteasers or cola bottle gummies.LOL.

DSCN0041Hey there. This is Quatchyear, I thought that I would do something a little more zen.  I have been watching a lot of crazy stuff on the news and I thought that picking this up was nice. It’s called “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Very informative.

What do you like to read?

Oh, we all of us (Quatchiken, Quatchmas, Quatchyear, and Humphrey) want to send a big shout out to Esther because she has been with the Quatchi clan for a long time and we are glad to see her check us out since we are back. We want to thank you and one day if we ever go to Toronto we will let her know. BIG BIG QUATCHI CLAN HUGS, SNUGGLES, AND KISSES. Thanks for following us!

Paper Crafts for all! — August 15, 2015

Paper Crafts for all!

Hey, you know that things are pretty hot here so we stay inside a lot. So, having time on our hands we are make a few paper things.There is some news that a Wonder Woman movie may be made! Quatchmas got excited and made a Wonder Woman tribute for himself.DSCN0029

DSCN0005Quatchyear is a big fan so Breaking bad so he made some paper toys of Hisenberg, Walter, Mr Frigg, and the bad guy in the wheel chair.

He is just sticking it on the wall for decoration.

As for the Quatchiken he is dreaming of DSCN0030[1]his dream man cave. In it he has a Samurai Hat, A Star Wars poster, two lightsabers, a microwave, computer, desk, books, and a water fountain outside, and a stag beetle in a cage! Here are some of the inside pictures!DSCN0031[1]DSCN0032

Last, but not least, there is a wonderful new member added to the clan. When Quatchiken was alone here Sophia got him a friend. His name is Humphrey. Did you know that Camels are 250,000US to buy each and that they come in brown, white, black and of course camel colored. LOL. Also, they have a very good memory, so if you treat a camel bad they will remember and take revenge!

DSCN0034He just got into the Star Wars series. Before then, he did not know anything about it. As you know the Q clan love all Star Wars, Star Trek, and Dune movies. Humphrey liked the Jawa because it reminds him of all of the women with their Abayas around here. LOL.



We are back!  We had to separate because our parents went back to teaching ESL. They are now in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we have paired down to three. When we have a family reunion it will be big. We have been growing and now we are a clan of 35!!!

Before we were able to to come we had to give a few things up.  A few things  went into the garage sale like all of our accessories, most of the clothing and some other props. We will miss all of that but they all went to a lot of little boys and girls Build-A-Bear familiy members.

Right now, we are in Riyadh. We have been here for awhile, but with all of the heat, we do not go out.  Besides, with the air conditioner on at home is it heavenly. We have a lot of fur you know.

Here we are  enjoying a Pepperoni Pizza! IT IS AMAZING! Oh, they also opened a Tim Hortons here in Hyatt Mall!!!!

Love you all, Quatchiken (I am telling the story) and my two brothers Quatchyear and Quatchmas.


2012 in review — January 2, 2013
The end of the blog! — November 7, 2012

The end of the blog!

Hi, Everyone,

We  here at the Quatchifan2010 blog have decided to retire for the time being.  The Q clan and I have enjoyed our wonderful time here showing off the daily life of the Q clan, but due to a move up north where the access to internet is very limited we will have to take a break and end the blog. Maybe, in the future, the Q clan will start up again, but for now, there will be no more posts. We will miss everyone, but please visit Quatch Watch. Sammers, Q and Mins are still going strong and you can get your Quatchi fix there. 

Thank you everyone for sharing our adventures with us!

Love, all 32 Quatchi members and Sophia

Rainy day crafts! — July 16, 2012

Rainy day crafts!


I think that the colors they chose are wonderful! They love crochetting!

Lately, there has been a lot of storms and rain , so the girls (Quatchette, Quatch-Anne, and Quatch-Lynn) have decided to start on some Christmas scarves.


Chef Quatchi! — June 20, 2012

Chef Quatchi!

Quatchi wants to make sure that everything is perfect. He isn’t sure that he can make things from scratch like Q and Mins from Quatch Watch so he is going to get some help from Betty Crocker.  LOL. He is a bit of a chocoholic so he picked the Devil’s food cake.

Now he just has to check to see if he has all the ingredients.









So far so good!










After 15 mintues of preparation and pre-heating the oven, Chef Quatchi has decided to go and bake the cake.

This is the result. Of course Quatchi had to make sure that everything was okay and try it first. It was DELICIOUS!

Now he can present it to the rest of the clan!








By the way, within 15 minutes there was nothing left! (LOL)

Quatchbear! — May 29, 2012


I hope you can find the newest Quatchi! He is called Quatchbear! He is a handmade, one of a kind, Quatchi made by “Woolgoddess…..my obsessions” from Etsy!. She did him as a favor to me. I am so grateful!

Can you find him?

Here is a better close up of him. He is a little bit leaner and taller than the 13 inch Quatchis’ but he is just as recognizable and cute! Please welcome him to the clan!