Hey, you know that things are pretty hot here so we stay inside a lot. So, having time on our hands we are make a few paper things.There is some news that a Wonder Woman movie may be made! Quatchmas got excited and made a Wonder Woman tribute for himself.DSCN0029

DSCN0005Quatchyear is a big fan so Breaking bad so he made some paper toys of Hisenberg, Walter, Mr Frigg, and the bad guy in the wheel chair.

He is just sticking it on the wall for decoration.

As for the Quatchiken he is dreaming of DSCN0030[1]his dream man cave. In it he has a Samurai Hat, A Star Wars poster, two lightsabers, a microwave, computer, desk, books, and a water fountain outside, and a stag beetle in a cage! Here are some of the inside pictures!DSCN0031[1]DSCN0032

Last, but not least, there is a wonderful new member added to the clan. When Quatchiken was alone here Sophia got him a friend. His name is Humphrey. Did you know that Camels are 250,000US to buy each and that they come in brown, white, black and of course camel colored. LOL. Also, they have a very good memory, so if you treat a camel bad they will remember and take revenge!

DSCN0034He just got into the Star Wars series. Before then, he did not know anything about it. As you know the Q clan love all Star Wars, Star Trek, and Dune movies. Humphrey liked the Jawa because it reminds him of all of the women with their Abayas around here. LOL.