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Quatchster hanging out at Joongang. — March 11, 2011

Quatchster hanging out at Joongang.

This is Quatchster posing with the new Grade 5 English textbook for this semester. Most of the things are the same in terms of content but this year there is more writing, reading and vocabulary in it.









This is the inside cover. Quatchster just like looking at the different scenic places in Korea.







“Oh, my GOD!!!!” Quatchster shouts! “A GHETTO BLASTER!!!” talk about a blast from the past! it even has a double cassette deck in it!









Time for a break.








“That hit the spot!”










“Who’s there?”










One last look before leaving!









Vancouver BBQ — September 4, 2010

Vancouver BBQ

Quatchkin is overlooking the wonderful BBQ food at my parents’ house. There are chicken wings, pepercorn steaks, and sausages. Quatchkin is eyeing the steak.

Here is Quatchi and Quatchkin eyeing the food. It has been so long since Quatchi saw yellow corn. In South Korea the corn is baby sized, purple and very sweet. He can’t wait to munch on them.

Quatchi wants to make sure that everything for the BBQ is cooked as he likes it. He is particulary looking foward to eating the chicken wings. You can’t get those in the local grocery store in Gokseong.

WHAT A SPREAD!!! Quatchkin is going to attempt to eat a whole 8 oz steak. Quatchi thinks that he cannot do it.  If  Quatchkin can’t eat all of the steak, Quatchi will be there to lend a hand. LOL. In Gokseong, beef is very expensive. For 2 steaks like these it would cost 50.00. Hamburger is 25.00/lb!! Quatchi advises Quatchkin to load up on as much beef as he can.