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Halloween costumes that didn’t make the cut. — November 8, 2011

Halloween costumes that didn’t make the cut.

Even though they didn’t make the final cut, I still think that they are all pretty cool.

Halloween Part 2 — November 7, 2011

Halloween Part 2

This is the Quatchi family’s first Halloween trick or treating and helping out. They were all very excited! Even the new Quatchis’ participated.

First set of Quatchi family trick or treaters. They finally decided on their costumes!










This is the second set of trick or treaters with the new Quatchi members!










Here is Quatchood  (as Robin Hood-costume made by Sophia), and Quatchi (as Woody from Toy Story) helping to set up the candy.

Oh, Quatchster (as Harry Potter) should be helping out but he is just helping himself to the chocolate!(LOL)






Quatchlee (as Obi Wan Kenobi), Quatchbee (as C3P0) and Quatchlane (as Darth Vader) are

pretending to duel with their light sabers with C3P0 acting as referee.









Here is Quatchken (as Batman) and Quatchman (as Superman) finished with the last bit of decorations before the kids come.









Quatchi is helping to put up one more decoration from the mailbox.










Quatchbeau (as Elvis), and Quatchster (Harry Potter) are replenishing the candy cauldron.










Here is Quatchood making sure that the big Witch out front is straight.








“Quatchster come back with those chips!!!!” Sophia says.

















Here are all the costumed Quatchi family members ready to surprise the trick or treaters!

They all had a great time and they surprised the trick or treaters. This year there were many Lugis’, Marios, Captain America, Bees, Princesses, Witches, and Vampires.

The rest of the family were busy watching “Fright Night” (the old version without Colin Farrell) in the other room with a bucket of popcorn.



Getting ready for Halloween! — October 17, 2011
The breakfast club — October 16, 2011

The breakfast club

Here is Quatchman, Quatchi, Quatchone, and Quatchster.

Quatchone has an itch so he is scratching his right leg. All 4 Quatchis’ are in their pjs and heading up for breakfast.

Here is Quatchster ready with the bread for toast.

Here is Quatchman preparing his favorite cereal.

Here is Quatchi getting the coffee.

Here is Quatchone starting the coffee.

While Quatchster is waiting for the coffee, he is checking to see what games are on sale.

Forget the games, Quatchman and Quatchi like looking at the food.

Quatchone is looking for something specific. Not sure what it is.

Here they all are resting after a big breakfast.

Hanging around the house…. —

Hanging around the house….

Here is Quatchi keeping the peace with the zen garden.

Quatchella thinks this chair is made for a Princess!  (like her-LOL)











Here is Quatchella arranging the flowers.

“Quatchi what are you doing with the Kokanee?” Sophia asks.

“It is the beer of Sasquatches! Haven’t you seen the commercials?”Quatchi laughs. “Don’t worry, I won’t drink it. I prefer Timmy’s!”

Halloween fashion shoot part 1 — October 15, 2011
Playground fun. — October 11, 2011

Playground fun.

Quatchone, Quatchster, Quatchi, and Quatchella discovered a park nearby and decided to check it out.

Quatchone loves the fall weather.

Ditto for Quatchster.

Quatchi loves his jungle gym!

You know  Quatchis’ love to climb.  Quatchella is no exception.

“Why  are boys soo slow?” Quatchella thinks.

Thanksgiving! — October 10, 2011


This is the first Thanksgiving in 5 years for Sophia and her husband and the Quatchis’.

The Quatchis’ are so kind so they decided to help out.

Quatchella is busy putting out the plates.







Quatchi is putting out the glasses and then filling them with water.










Quatchster is putting out the salt and pepper shakers.








Quatchone is setting up the flowers.










Quatchkin is putting out the cranberry sauce.










“Not yet, Quatchella!” Sophia says. “But it smells so yummy!” Quatchella loves apple pie.









Here is Quatchi ready to carve the turkey.







Here is Quatchster serving up the homemade stuffing.










Quatchone is serving the brussel sprouts and turnips.








Here is Quatchkin admiring the yummy pile of turkey.










Here is the gang with rolling on the floor with their food coma.






















Here is the rest of the family enjoying their sleep after the big feast.


Raking the leaves — October 8, 2011

Raking the leaves

Quatchis’ love the outdoors!Here is Quatchella, Quatchi, and Quatchone helping out.


Good work!








Enjoying the soft grass. Even though it is chilly, it is still a nice day.








Sophia rewarded their hard work with some TIMBITS. It is their first taste of Timmy!!!

Happy Fall in Canada Part 2! — October 7, 2011

Happy Fall in Canada Part 2!

Quatchi cool in his shades!


























Picking out pumpkins.


















Quatchi has been very naughty! He is trying to block Quatchella in with the chess positions.










Here they are attempting to enter the wonderful corn maze! This is their first time! It was a bit

confusing, but they made it out!!