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We are still here!!!

Breakfast at MCD’s! — May 14, 2012

Breakfast at MCD’s!

Quatchwonder hasn’t has his own real photo shoot, so Sophia and her husband decided to take him along for breakfast! For a little guy he has an appetite! He ordered the medium black coffee, a sausage McMuffin and a hashbrown! (He ate it all by the way)

Quatchwonder felt a little guilty so he decided to do some climbing!

Quatchwonder isn’t so sure that he is happy about the Green Fry Guy (Gobblin) looking up his shirt though.

But he did enjoy the food!

One last surprise for Easter. 4/4 — April 14, 2012

One last surprise for Easter. 4/4

Good things come to those who wait and this is the best.

A new member of the Quatchi clan came in the mail.

Can you find him in the family picture?

Hint: he is wearing a blue t-shirt!








Introducing Quatchonder!!!!!

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! — April 13, 2012


Quatchlee and some of the other Q clan members like horror films and have a bit of a twisted sense of humor.

Here is Quatchlee as Jason from Friday the 13th!

The real Friday the 13th is in February so this one just an imposter. But Quatchlee and the Q clan decided to celebrate it anyway.

This post is dedicated to LW.

Also, tonight the Quatchi clan is going to sit with a big tub of popcorn and watch “Friday the 13th!” only the first one though. LOL.

Enjoy your Friday!

Easter games and Hercules contribution 3/4 —

Easter games and Hercules contribution 3/4

Of course, after all the chocolate. mashmellow chicks and bunnies, it is time to play some games.

The other Quatchis’ are going to watch HOP!

Quatchella and Quatchlee are both playing pick up the bunnies.

Hercules has a surprise for Quatchette for all her effort for the Quatchi clan.













It’s so unexpected Quatchette is so surprised.







He got her favorite.  A white chocolate bunny and mini chocolate eggs.







Quatchette says, that she will share it with Hercules.







Of course Hercules also gets some sugar! BIG SMILE!










Easter 2/4 — April 12, 2012

Easter 2/4

Here is Quatchette getting the Easter eggs ready while everyone is asleep.

She and Quatchella filled them with plastic toys, paper toy finger puppets, peeps mashmellow chicks and some chocolates.








Here is Quatchming with the first egg.










This egg was filled with a yummy mashmellow chick!









Here is Quatchman with the second egg. He had to do a bit of climbing but it was worth it!









He got a nice finger puppet!










Here is Quatchhood with a few more! Boy is he fast! Don’t worry he will share with the others.










Here is Quatchlane with another egg but this one is filled with a plastic bunny.








Here is Quatchbeau with another egg.








He got a finger puppet! COOL!










Here is Quatchken with his egg and yummy chick!











Here are the rest of the egg hunters with their stash and they are a little bit tired.















Easter Surprise! Part 1/4 — April 11, 2012

Easter Surprise! Part 1/4

The Easter bunny is coming to the Quatchi house!

Quatchella and Quatchette decided to help out and got their bunny ears on for support!

Also, they have some Easter eggs that they well be stuffing around the house.

Last, but not least, they want to both thank L, Q, and QK and Sammers, Q, and Mins for wonderful Easter cards!

Collecting the mail! — April 2, 2012

Collecting the mail!

Quatchella is the resident mail keeper for the Quatchi clan. Cubbins helps to open the mail too if it is  too hard for Quatchella. He has a little more strength than her. LOL.

We got mail from cousin L, Q and Qks! It is awesome! In fact, Quatchella scored first and wore the wonderful new outfit that Lauren made for the Q clan! She looks like she is ready for spring!

In fact, she is so happy she is doing the splits!










L, Q and Qkns also made a wonderful card for Sophia, since she was sick a little while back.

It’s all made by hand and even has a picture of chicken noodle soup inside it! (BIG SMILE!)










But that was not all the mail the Q clan received! There is one more!

Sophia’s BFF LW sent her a beautiful handmade Easter card with the marshmellow Peeps bunny that come around this time.

Here is Quatchella with the cards.










Last, b ut not least, Quatchella, wants to thank everyone by sending out a kiss to L, Q & Qkn, and LW!

Chinese New Year! — February 6, 2012

Chinese New Year!

The Quatchi family did celebrate the New Year. Here are some pics! My BFF Lily sent in a marrionette Lion, and I got a few new things for the crew. The rest of the family was busy eating. LOL.

This is Quatchella with her outfit from last year.  This year she has a blue one!

Quatchken is first, Quatchella, and the Quatchson are sitting on the top, under the sign of prosperity.

Underneath are Quatchiano and Quatchford. Here is a picture of Quatchford helping Quatchiano with the costume.  It is a little bit top heavy.

Quatchkin is rounding out the end for Quatchford’s costume.

Last, but not least, here is Quatchkin riding the Lion!

I hope that everyone’s New Year is going well as the Quatchi clans!

This is my favorite saying for new year.  It means what your heart wishes for will come true!

Quatchis’ are born in the year of the pig ….. — January 23, 2012

Quatchis’ are born in the year of the pig …..

The Quatchi clan, wanted to tell all the Quatchis’ in the world about their coming prediction for the Water Dragon Year.

They are born on November 27th, 2007 which makes them a pig.

2012 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Pig years: 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Dog, not Pig. (Verify Your Sign)

Pig is a lucky animal in Chinese horoscope. Pig will becomes smarter in this Dragon year. The general luck for Pig people is fair in 2012. They will have a little career pressure . The money luck is up and down. The love relationship is pretty good. There are a couple of Lucky Stars coming toward Pig people. When Pig people encounter difficulties, obstacles or even misfortune, as long as you keep your optimistic, enterprising and positive mind, someone will appear to help you to overcome trouble. Dragon is an intelligent and spiritual animal. It’s hard for Dragon to have any romantic relationship with other animal, except the Pig. If Pig people want to look for a closer love relationship, then the Dragon year is the time to try.

Career: The career luck for Pig people is fair in 2012. In Chinese astrology, Dragon contains mainly Earth and Pig contains Water. Earth can make Water disappear. So Water Pig is afraid of Earth Dragon. That implies Pig people will encounter some pressure from their jobs. There is a Moon Star appearing in the Year of Dragon. That’s a good sign of people relationship. When Pig people face obstacles, someone will appear to help them. Pig people need to focus on their daily work and do not make any unforgiveable mistakes, otherwise your competitors will take advantage to ruin your reputation. Enhancing social networks will help your career development. Sharing your achievements with others will make your career path open wider.

Money: The money luck for Pig people is unstable. Money will come and go. First, Pig people need to slow down their investment and think twice before joining a new venture. You have money opportunities this year, but your wealth won’t grow quickly. You must make sure you have a stable fixed income before spending time to make extra income. Because there is no windfall luck, if you want to save your money, then you still need to watch for your expenses. A good financial plan for your budget is recommended.

Love: There is a Romantic Star appearing in this year. If you are a single, then you can attend more social events, as the right person might be waiting for you out there. If you are in love, then it’s about time to think about engagement or marriage, as you won’t have the same opportunity next year. If you are married, you should be enjoying the happiness of a married life. However, you might have more chance to meet opposite sex outside. You need will have big trouble next year if you have someone disturbing your marriage life in the Dragon year.

The Quatchi family hopes that all the other Quatchis’ in the world will enjoy reading this.  (BIG SMILE!)

New Year’s Eve at CB & CB’s. — January 3, 2012

New Year’s Eve at CB & CB’s.


Quatchster has finally been able to climb a big Christmas tree before the New Year starts!









Quatchella wants to make sure that she reaches the star before the tree gets put away for the New Year.











Quatchella is deciding whether or not to watch movies, tv shows, or just play games.









Quatchella is more interested in games I think.








Quatchster wants to head for the candy before he starts.

Quatchella decided on Call of Duty 3. She really likes the scenes in Paris and the grenade launchers.











Here is Quatchster playing with Calle.









Quatchella just wants to hang with Calle.









Snacks are ready!!!!!













“You gotta try a bite!”






Quatchella is digging into the dessert, “Sex in a pan!”











Quatchster is checking the layers of yumminess in the pan.









Quatchella can’t eat another bite.  But Quatchster is definitely going to give it a few more tries.  LOL.









Food coma! Totally worth it says, Quatchster and Quatchella.









Thank you CB and CB for inviting us over for the yummy goodies and games.

As for the rest of the Quatchis’ they are at home having their own party celebration away from the prying eyes of a camera. LOL.